My Approach

Separation and Divorce is often a stressful experience and can also often result in increased levels of emotional and financial stress.

Following the breakdown of a relationship, clients are often faced with the task of dividing assets and also in some cases, determining with whom the children shall live with and spend time with.

My aim is to reduce levels of emotional and financial stress by providing a personal service that provides legal solutions for personal problems.

Emotional stress is often experienced following the breakdown of a relationship and can in some cases create a barrier to obtaining a reasonable and fair settlement for those involved in the legal process whether during the early negotiation stages and/or collaborative process or following the issue of Family Court proceedings.

My firm can assist you by providing you with personal referrals to Counsellors who can support you during the legal process by providing you with a confidential service which is entirely separate from the legal process.

My firm can also assist you with personal referrals to Financial Advisors who can assist you with financial advice during the legal process and financial re-structuring following a family law property settlement.

I work closely together with my clients where listening precedes advice and where advice precedes action implemented with a unique blend of highly developed family law skills, personal understanding and life experience.

My team is committed to achieving fair and reasonable legal outcomes with the minimum of emotional impact and financial stress.  I am also committed to providing you with sound rational advice with your best interests always at the very heart of my service to you.  My service is delivered in the timeliest and cost effective manner.